Figure Drawing Resources by Irina V. Ivanova

Jump start and boost your figure drawing skills using Figure Drawing Templates:


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Fashion  Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V.Ivanova

Fashion Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V.Ivanova


This set of figure drawing templates was created by educator, designer and visual artist Irina V. Ivanova for artists and designers who are interested in figure drawing. Figure Drawing Templates are printed on translucent polyester substrate and are easy to use on a light box. They will be a motivating and efficient aid for anyone wishing to break into figure drawing regardless of prior experience level. unlike typical  figure drawing books and  figure drawing guides The figure drawing templates by Irina Ivanova are intended to be a tool in a figure drawing process. Templates provide figure drawing basics intended for figure drawing artist who are looking for figure drawing basics


~ by Fashion Artist on May 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Figure Drawing Resources by Irina V. Ivanova”

  1. This friend of mine is taking pictures of normal objects that look like letters and then making words out of it…check out his website…

  2. I love these templates.

  3. great!!
    i love it!

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